JEBSCO Mechanical, Primary Design and Build Partner

NIDON Clean Energy welcomes JEBSCO Mechanical, Inc. as a primary design and build partner. JEBSCO’s expertise in commercial and residential HVAC and solar thermal technology is a major value-add as NIDON continues to scale and expand its business into new frontiers.

JEBSCO-Logo-750x600JEBSCO is the HVAC contractor behind the 30-Ton Carrier chiller project that logged an astounding 75% decrease in amp draw by running at a mere average of 15 – 16 amps. It is also the first commercial chiller installation in the world that efficiently runs with the SunTrac Solar Thermal SmartPanel.

Aside from being an authorized installer of SunTrac, JEBSCO is a certified Carrier Hawaii dealer and installer (License # CT-33868).

Unparalleled efficiency from SunTrac and 30 Ton chiller install

In December 2019, NIDON Clean Energy completed a breakthrough installation involving a 30 Ton Carrier chiller and four 8-foot SunTrac panels. This unit, located in the Honolulu Harbor in Hawaii, became the first active chiller in the world that runs with the SunTrac Solar Thermal SmartPanel™ and now reflects record-breaking amperage readings as a result.

This chiller is rated to typically draw about 63 amps but with supplementary power from the SunTrac panels, the load across three days in 28°C experienced a 75% decrease with a near steady state amp draw of 16 amps:

eGauge data for 30-Ton Carrier chiller with SunTrac (3d, Auto)
eGauge meter reading across three days (April 18 to April 21, 12:10 PM HST)

Timestamps reflected on the above data captures follow local Philippine time (PHT) and is to be adjusted back 18 hours to depict actual amp draw with respect to time of day in Honolulu, Hawaii (HST). Follow this link for live meter readings: eGauge Data for 30 Ton Carrier Chiller (To view amp data specific to activity from the SunTrac panels, scroll down to the control box and uncheck all boxes except for CT3, CT1, and CT2 Amperage.)

Along with the massive drop in amp draw, there is a corresponding decrease in the work being conducted by the unit’s digital scroll compressor leading to a significant reduction in the machine’s wear and tear on top of substantial electrical cost savings.

Data is being tracked and recorded by an eGauge metering device in a three-phase configuration and placed inside an outdoor-rated enclosure:

Update: Efficiency data across two weeks

Below is a screen capture of meter readings for the first two weeks of recording with the eGauge. The compressor amp draw still averages at 15-16 amps, with significant dips between midnight and dawn due to the cooler ambient temperature.

eGauge data for 30-Ton Carrier chiller with SunTrac (2w, Auto)
eGauge meter reading across two weeks (April 17 to May 1, 12:10 PM HST)

Update: One month’s worth of meter readings

A month of meter readings shows amp draw still at an average of 15-16 amps.

eGauge data for 30-Ton Carrier chiller with SunTrac (1mo, Auto)
eGauge meter reading in one month (April 17 to May 17, 12:05 PM HST)

NIDON Clean Energy unlocks commercial cooling market with breakthrough install

NIDON Clean Energy has just completed the first SunTrac installation on a commercial chiller system.

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, this 30 Ton Carrier chiller is the first active chiller in the world that runs with the SunTrac Solar Thermal SmartPanel™.

30 Ton Carrier chiller with 4 SunTrac panels
30 Ton Carrier chiller with 4 SunTrac panels at Honolulu Harbor, Hawaii, USA

The recorded amp draw by compressors post-installation is reduced by 60%. Energy savings will correspond with amperage drop to the compressors, along with reduced wear.

For the Hawaii market, this is foundational to achieving the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative which aims to achieve 100% renewable energy reliance by 2045. SunTrac has been successfully deployed across Hawaii on all major brands of air conditioning, to now include commercial systems. The technology reduces demand charges and electrical usage, leading to less land for solar, wind, and battery, protecting the people and the beauty of the islands in the process.

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  • Newly available meter readings from the commercial chiller indicate a 75% decrease in compressor amp draw, from 63 amps to an average of 15-16 amps.

Solar thermal technology accepted by next-gen QC City Architect team

Last October 25, 2019, we talked about hybrid solar thermal technology and sustainable cooling with the City Architect Department of Quezon City.

It was an insightful afternoon marked by an exchange of ideas and practical applications with the department, which was composed mainly of next-generation architects and engineers.

The discussion revolved around a common theme, that much can be gained by new and existing developments from breakthrough innovations in renewable energy.

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Clean energy

Average global temperatures are up by 1.8°F since 1880
Present CO2 levels are at their highest in 650,000 years
The arctic sea ice is shrinking at 13.2% per decade
Ice sheets are diminishing at 413 gigatonnes a year
Global sea levels are rising at 3.2 millimeters per year
(Source: NASA)

This is the state of our home. And along with its rapidly worsening condition is our obligation to speed up our efforts to save it.

Thanks to improving capabilities and available technology, we are presented with a myriad of ways to contribute to this global mission. As a matter of fact, mostif not allof these green solutions are win-win for both us and the world.

One such alternative is clean energy. It taps into the world’s existing resources and generates energy by working with natural movements and states. In effect, there are no wastes and energy flows in an efficient cycle that poses no harm to the Earth. Clean energy is fundamentally from the environment and for the environment.

The gains zoom past macro level into our everyday lives. Costs to power our workplaces, our leisure centers, and our homes significantly decrease with the use of clean energy. It is an investment with multifaceted returns.